Current Projects

During these unprecedented times we have pivoted our Innovation efforts to assist on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. We have repurposed several materials that we originally used to develop beekeeping protective gear to create the 5280 Medical Face Shield. The 5280 Medical Face Shield  is made with flexible but durable vinyl, providing crystal clear, fog-free vision. The headband is constructed from a sturdy foam encased in nylon and includes a slot to insert the health worker’s name for easy identification. This face shield is built to last and can be disinfected and reused. Each mask is steamed and wrapped in an individual polybag prior to shipment. 

To place an order or to direct funds toward hospitals and health workers in need of our face shields, please visit our partner at

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Cornell University Research Study 2019/2020 - Effect of using the “Cozy Cover” for stabilizing temperature fluctuations in bee hives. The Cozy Cover was innovated by founders of the Bee Guardian Project. Research study by Robin Radcliffe and Thomas Seeley. Robin Radcliffe, DVM, is the Senior Lecturer in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine at Cornell University. Thomas Seeley is the Horace White Professor in Biology in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University

University of Colorado Research Study - Boulder County Open Space - Ferrel Bee Study with Orit Peleg, Ph.D., University of Colorado Dept. of Computer Science & BioFrontiers Institute.

People Protecting the Pollinators, with the 2nd graders at Heatherwood Elementary School.
We feel strongly about helping young people become stewards of our planet and want them to understand what can be done to help protect pollinators.